Specs for 10W Linear rf amplifier

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Re: Specs for 10W Linear rf amplifier

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:06 pm

www.sm0vpo.com went offline because I had to vacate the house ASAP for the new buyers, including switching OFF the server. I hope to bring it back online shortly - presently uploading the files to a (temporary) new server: http://www.sm0vpo.altervista.org

As regards the specs for the coils, I gave the turns ratio in the project and it is that which determines the impedance matching.

L1 is 6 + 6 turns 28 - 36 SWG wire on two "small" ferrite beads super-glued together - side-by-side.

L2, L3, L4 are all about 10 turns 28 - 36 SWG wire on a single ferrite bead.

T1 is 6 turns 24 SWG wire on two large ferrite beads superglued together - side - by side like a pair of binoculars. Use larger beads for this, I used two large ferrite slugs (8mm Dia.) robbed from an old valve IF can. The secondary that feeds the final amplifier pair are 1 + 1 turn 18SWG enameled wire.

BR Harry

(Thanks to those who tried and couldn't make the QSO. Back on 14.200MHz Sundays from the 24th Sept.)

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Specs for 10W Linear rf amplifier

Post by Bill_KM4CLJ on Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:16 pm

I would like to build this amplifier but do not have the specs for the coils and transformers. I hope that since SM0VPO.com seems to be missing, I can get the specs here. Any guidance would be appreciated.




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