New project - compact 20m antenna - no HV caps used :-) Good results from my apartment

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New project - compact 20m antenna - no HV caps used :-) Good results from my apartment

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:30 pm

Hi everyone (and that means all three of you),

This Sunday I was still playing around trying to get a signal out on 20 metres, and I kept looking at my old frame antenna project. Problem is that I have no HV tuning caps, and PCB etching is out of the question (Maj-Lis is here in Sweden with me ;-).

So I wound come wire on some plastic bits, experimented with spacing and made a nice little antenna that does not need any tuning caps. I cab simply poike it out of the balcony window in a brush-handle. On first trial I got a contact in Ukrain with my little 5-Watt X1M. I could also hear L&C Denmark and France.

The project was inspired by others who took my 80 metre frame antenna and modified it for 20 metres, but mainly motivated by having a rig here without any means of using it in the apartment.

Total cost to build was SEK 18 (US$ 1.5) for a strip of block connectors, but only 1/3 of the strip was used. Does that make it a $1/2 antenna?

Anyway, I was surprised by the results. Even better than I though it would be. VSWR is almost perfect at 14.175MHz.

Hope someone out there finds it and puts the project to good use. It took me longer to document it that it took to make it. But it was also a maiden voyage for my GDO-2 in it's first serious application (setting off the theft alarms in H&M is not considered serious ;-)

Very best regards from Harry - SM0VPO

PS - I wonder - how about a multiband loop antenna?

(I will listen to 14.190MHz USB every Sunday afternoon 15:00 to 18:00 to mid July)

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